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Hi folks.

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I could give you loads of excuses but really its just that time appears to be getting away from me….. I promise to try a little bit harder

So since my last post from the Gordon Arms Hotel, we went on tour and the place burnt down. However over the last year Tommy and Susan and lots more great people have been work their little behinds off getting the place rebuilt and back up and running and I am pleased to say that not only is the bar open and looking amazing but also from august you will be able to book your perfect room with a stunning view. check it all out at

Since I had started to record my next album from the Big Sky Studio within the hotel before the fire, I have had to wait very patiently to get back into the studio. I am sure you will be relieved to hear that its all back on track. I have been back in the studio refreshing myself on all the material so far recorded and I am very excited to get back into it properly over the next few months.

This album of course will take some time to complete due to my two beautiful boys who are still very young and need my constant love and attention. However I will be releasing a single before the album is complete. Its a song that I have fallen utterly in love with and I hope you will too.

I must go and get some rest now before my children wake up well before the crack of dawn…..for the 5th day in a row…..

Check out my updated gig list to see if I am preforming near you.

You will also see that I have added new content to most of the pages.






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