02/01 The George & Abbotsford, Melrose with Real Time

07/04   Wedding at Gordon Arms with Real Time

08/04 Gordon Arms hotel with Real Time


Tour of Germany with Real Time

19/04 Schaeffer’s Weinscheunne by Eltmann

20/04 Schwarzen Baren, Beiersdorf by Coburg

21/04 Furtwangen

22/04 Phoenix Lauffen

23/04 Disharmonie, Schweinfur

24/04 Edward Spranger Schule, Freudenstadt

25/04 Edward Spranger Schule, Freudenstadt am

25/04 Ergenzingen pm

26/04 Hirsch Glens

27/04 Wildberg school am

27/04 Uehlingen pm

28/04 Café Storr, Tuningen


07/06 Nitten FC with Real Time

4th-9th July Skagen Festival with Real Time

23/08 Marymass Festival Irvine with the Celtic Quines

01/09 Sedgefield Folk Festival with Real Time

22/09 ALBUM LAUNCH at the Carrick Centre

27/09 Bigger Folk Club with Kenny Speirs

25/10 Kirkcaldy Acoustic club

09/11 Remembrance concert, Houston Kirk, Houston

27/11 Quarter Folk Club


2019 – Dates coming soon




02/01 The George & Abbotsford, Melrose with Real Time

 25/01 The Dutch – Holland

26/01 The Dutch – Holland

29/01 Headline at the Robert Burns Humanitarian Awards ceremony, Ayr

04/02 Craigie Hall Ayrshire with Kenny Speirs

08/02 ABC at the 02 in Glasgow with Lakewood

21/02 Eric & Eilidh Grant and random connections Live at the Star Folk Club Glasgow for the Beatson Cancer Charity

28/02 Balerno Folk club with Real Time

30/03 The Bungalow in Paisley with Lakewood for The Beatson Cancer Charity

06/04 Nitten Folk Club with Kenny Spears

29/04 Gordon Arms Hotel with Real Time


Tour of Germany with Real Time

03/05 Disharmonie, Schweinfur

04/05 Whisky Shop Hassfurt 2pm

04/05 Schaeffer’s Weinscheunne Gleisenau 8pm

05/05 Schwarzen Baren, Beiersdorf

06/05 Café Storr, Tuningen

07/05 Restaurant Alte Post, Aeuegstertal

08/05 Irish Folk Club Munich

09/05 Edward Spranger Schule, Freudenstadt

10/05 Edward Spranger Schule, Freudenstadt am

10/05 Hirch Glems

11/05 Burgerewachheim Rottenburg

12/05 Real Schule Wildberg am

12/05 Zum Joggel Wenden pm

13/05 Hirsch Glems


20/06 The Star Folk Club Glasgow with Real Time

11/08 Saltburn Folk Festival with Real Time

12/08 Saltburn Folk Festival with Real Time

13/08 Saltburn Folk Festival with Real Time

23/09 Judy Dinning Memorial Concert Denholm

22/09-03/10 Tour with Real Time TBC

01/10 Folk on the Moor Plymouth


02/01 The George & Abbotsford, Melrose with Real Time

07/01 private event

21/01 Robert Burn Humanitarian awards ceremony/dinner


Tour of Germany with Real Time

03/03 Weinscheune, Gleisenau by Eltmann

04/03 Zum Joggel, Ebhausen-Wenden

05/03 Café Storr, Tuningen

06/03 Phoenix Lauffen

07/03 Disharmonie, Schweinfurt

09/03 Private gig

10/03 Rottenburg

11/03 Schwarzen Baren, Beiersdorf by Coburg

12/03 Doebel Freudenstadt


18/03 Scottish Cot Death Trust anniversary Ceilidh

26/03 Cycle at the speed of light family cycling event

13/04 private event

20/04 private event

03/05 private event

04/05 private event

09/05 private event

17/05 private event

03/06 Irish pub Joure Friesland Holland with Real Time

04/06 Joure Festival Pairc Pub, Friesland, Holland with Real Time

26/08 Acoustic Music Club, Stonelaw Church, Rutherglen with the Celtic Quines

09/09 Ashkirk Hall By Selkirk with Real Time

10/09 Southdean (Chester) with Real Time

01/10 Judy Dinning Memorial concert Denholm

23/10 Private event

22/11 Quarter acoustic music night

St Andrews Night at Spateston Bowling club, Johnstone

07/12 Edinurgh Folk Club with Real Time

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